WebBoard 9

Online Communities and Enterprise Collaboration

Create Online Communities for live events,
knowledge base and product or brand
communities with the WebBoard Community
family of products.
Enterprise Collaboration, Knowledge Management,
Idea Management, Virtual Classrooms,
Virtual Offices, and more with the WebBoard
Collaborate family of products.


What can WebBoard do for you?

WebBoard 9 is the newest and most powerful version to date of the most secure, robust and customizable platform for online communities and enterprise collaboration. For 10 years, WebBoard has been a consistent top choice of the world’s leading enterprises and online communities for:

Enterprise Collaboration
connect people and groups to work together.

Online Communities
connect people and groups to share ideas and talk together.

Knowledge and Idea Management
collecting, organizing and searching information from people and groups, turning it into useful knowledge.

Virtual Classrooms and Distance Learning
connecting students and faculty, enabling educators to extend the learning environment beyond the classroom.

Social Capital
adding the magic of social capital to any web property or event by creating instant feedback, reputations, user customization, and rankings for members of online communities, fans, and more.

Secure Workgroups
powering sensitive exchanges of information and collaboration at high-security agencies or R&D labs.

Enterprise Communication
and Content Management

providing a platform for managing and centralizing files, discussions, and knowledge inside large organizations.

Online Knowledge Bases
managing vast amounts of user expertise into an organizational knowledge base, searchable by internal or external knowledge seekers.

Who Uses WebBoard?

The WebBoard platform has been successfully used by thousands of clients to power the world’s leading portals, online communities, secure collaboration environments and more:

  • Fortune 500 Corporations such as AT&T, Raytheon, IBM, Nestle and Pfizer have powered internal R&D teams, group collaboration, and more using virtual offices and secure online collaboration environments by WebBoard.
  • Leading Educational Institutions including Duke, UCLA, Dartmouth and others have connected students, faculty, administration and IT departments with virtual classrooms and centralized meeting rooms by WebBoard.
  • Important Government Bodies and Agencies including the TSA, FAA, Centers for Disease Control, and others have securely connected teams of workgroup members, created online communities for their employees, and bridged intra-agency gaps using WebBoard.
  • Marketing and Advertising firms increasingly look to WebBoard to power online product and brand communities and add an online social network to their traditional media events like the 2006 People’s Choice Awards.
  • Peer Communities and Non-Profits such as the Florida Institute of CPAs, the American Bankers Association, and Barnardos UK have leverage the power of WebBoard to bring together large networks of supporters or members.

With the future of WebBoard based around add-on modules tailored to the specific needs of our various customer groups: academic, corporate, government, marketing, peer communities and more, know that you are buying into a long-term solution – not a quick-fix. Read more about our product plan by visiting our blog here.